When three school friends – Vic, Zag and Ellie – first learned that Singulord, the most dangerous being in the Universe, had infiltrated their planet Telluria, they could not have imagined that their ordinary lives were about to take a dramatic turn. Suddenly, the three friends find themselves swept up in a series of incredible adventures.

They learn that Singulord wants to suck all the life energy out of Telluria and destroy it. Vic, Zag and Ellie wind up inadvertently involved in the events surrounding the scheme and start trying to get to the bottom of the villain’s nefarious plan.

New friends, lost worlds, galactic mysteries and unforeseeable perils are just the beginning of the extraordinary story of saving the beautiful planet Telluria.

Their quest will bring the best out of our heroes as they work as a team to defeat the evil Singulord.


Vic seems to excel at everything in life – just as long as it doesn’t have to do with school. Outside of class, Vic is the epitome of a true friend and brave Tellurian. But in class, he is repeatedly defeated by school assignments. For Vic, the place is rife with setbacks and disappointments – and he has not even yet determined his future vocation, which every pupil of the Ingenimus School must choose from the start. He wants to become a robotics engineer, but he is nowhere near as good at it as he is at getting himself into some mindboggling galactic kerfuffle together with his friends.  


Ellie’s life seems split between trying to deter her friends from getting in trouble and bailing them out of it. It must be said that she herself enjoys adventures a great deal, but still... these boys are just out of control! Without her brains and resources, they’d be in a real fix. In the end though, she doesn’t mind – getting into adventures is way more fun than chatting about the latest intergalactic fashion trends with other girls. 


Zag is a born rebel, constantly spurred on by mischief. The only thing that Zag is completely serious about is flying spaceships. Zag’s future vocation, which he loves to distraction, is the only thing that gets him in line and keeps bringing him to class. However, Zag’s excitable nature constantly gets him in trouble. In fact, he’d never be in the clear on his own – but that is what friends like Vic and Ellie are for.